by gloomking

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released June 7, 2017



all rights reserved


gloomking Seattle, Washington

i'm trying

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Track Name: who am i supposed to be ?
hate stirs inside of me
who am i supposed to be ?
these obsessive thoughts
left me so unhealthy

the words never feel right
when we talk we always fight
newborns cry out in the dark
cause their eyes are blind

boring years lost in thought
in the heat my body rots
spend the rest of life
trying to prove you wrong
Track Name: the puppets will find god and finally cut the strings
call me out i've lost my sight
our conversations always hurt my pride
you said you cared for me but you lied
call me out of this blinding light

i'll clean my eyes
and see the truth

cut me loose from this relentless noose
wanted you to understand but what's the use
we've all been hurt before, we've all been abused
cut me loose but you can't refuse

my words they ring
loud with the truth

my spirit burst in flames and scorched my nerves
it haunts me everyday but i deserve
to wear my shame like a deadly curse
my spirit grows back through simple words

repeat this prayer
there is no truth

manipulate me but you can't make me stay
entangled as your marionette
pull strings and break me but you can't take me back
to that stage if i can help it
Track Name: kingdumb
all the colors of this kingdom fade
every living thing slowly decays
my eyes only see in shades of grey
through the ashes of my past mistakes

people run away screaming in fear
all their hopeful wishes disappear
no one wants to live another year
hiding from eternity's despair

by the ocean tides will come
and the moon is much brighter
everything moves on

maybe i have the strength to improve
transformation's easy to refuse
when there's nothing, there's nothing to lose
or any role remaining to assume
the paths i take are up for me to choose

by the ocean tides will come
and the moon is much brighter
i was consumed by anger once
as destructive as a fire
everything moves on
Track Name: circular desires (acoustic)
you can't pretend you didn't want me when
i held you safe and sound
i'm still on your mind just wasting time before
your desire is broken down

you've taken care of me and jealousy
it buries me in the ground
the soil swallows dreams these secrets seamed up
in my bitter mouth
but what's done is done though you've done nothing to prove
that you need me around
but you're on my mind just wasting time before
my desire is broken down
Track Name: honey pie (the beatles)
she was a working girl
north of england way
(now she's hit the big time)
in the usa
and if she could only hear me
this is what i'd say

honey pie, you are making me crazy
i'm in love but i'm lazy
so won't you please come home

oh, honey pie, my position is tragic
come and show me the magic
of your hollywood song

you became a legend of the silver screen
and now the thought of meeting you
makes me weak in the knee

oh, honey pie, you are driving me frantic
sail across the atlantic
to be where you belong
honey pie come back to me

(i like it like that
i like this kind of, hot kind of music
hot kind of music, play it to me
play it to me honey the blues)

will the wind that blew her boat
across the sea
kindly send her sailing back to me

oh, honey pie, you are making me crazy
i'm in love but i'm lazy
so won't you please come home
come, come back to me honey pie